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Dr. Tyson at Lakeline Chiropractic is the BEST! He goes way above and beyond for his patients. If you want the BEST Chiropractor in Cedar Park, go see him! No appointment necessary! I love that I can just walk in at any time. I have been having dizziness from inner-ear/allergy issues and he just offered to meet me on his afternoon off because he doesn't want his patients suffering through the weekend. He's awesome!-Wendy

Awesome chiropractor! I’ve seen him for about 4 years now, he’s dedicated to his patients and their wellness!- Megan F.

Highly recommend!! Tyson has helped me with TMJ and also helped my four-yr-old avoid surgery when she broke her collar bone. He has assisted my six-yr-old with ADHD issues and also helps tremendously with sinus issues. -Heather

Dr Tyson K helped readjust my frozen shoulder last year - I can't thank him enough! I feel so much better. Really enjoy going in for my weekly adjustments! Especially after brutal workouts! -Molly

Have you discovered Lakeline Chiropractic? You should! They take care of my whole family, even my baby boy. Love them. -Kristin

Dr. Krugman is amazing. Our family has been getting adjusting for the last 4 years. The support and attention he has given to our family has been top notch. The adjustments have helped from back & knee pains to relief from cedar fever. Highly recommend making an appt.  -Melanie

I was terrified of adjustments. Tyson is amazing not only in his care, but his genuine concern for your well being and your life. Ashley is always smiling and pleasant when you walk in. And they both remember you by name. One of my favorite things to do now? Get my adjustments!! I haven't felt this good in a long time. Thank you both for all you do :). -Hattie

Thanks, Dr. Krugman for taking care of our family. We have been going for years so happy we found him. The office staff is so professional. He is very knowledgeable about the body. Our boys play all kinds of sports. He is amazing. WE LOVE YOU! ! FERONY FAMILY. -Donna

Besides being an expert spine adjuster, Dr K is really good with joints, and that is what I need more than anything. He has helped me a lot with my shoulder, hips and knees. -Jim

Thank you Dr. K for taking wonderful care of me and my family. -Nina

Dr. Tyson is truly the best. He is gentle, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and genuinely cares about his patients. Our family has been so very blessed by him for many, many years. We recommend him to friends and family over and over again and trust him completely. - Stefanie

Dr. Tyson is an effective chiropractor who is currently treating my neck and shoulder from a rear end vehicle collision. I was impressed by his knowledge, friendliness, and lack of solicitation for more visits. It's hard to find a good chiropractor and he is certainly one.  The receptionist is very professional and welcoming with a smile every time I walk through the door!  Also, the facility is very clean and well kept!  I highly recommend Dr. Tyson! - Lisa

Thank you for helping my wife get back into alignment. Her pain has decreased dramatically and her range of motion has increased just as dramatically. Your knowledge, technology, and skills has improved her quality of life. Thank you. - Audrey

I am very grateful for the care I have received! Got me back from some serious lower back pain to none at all and I am back on the golf course! Tyson is very caring and the staff is friendly and kind. 
Thank you! - Steve

Truly the best. Cares genuinely for you and your family. "Thank you Tyson, for your exceptional chiropractic care. My family's health it's gladly in your hands"
Chiropractic is always our 1st "go to" regarding all of our health issues. - Sheri

We are so thankful for Dr. Krugman. He always goes the extra mile when taking care of my family. We are so grateful that we found Lakeline Chiropractic. - Kimberly

I have been going to chiropractors since my third child was born in 1998. I literally have seen various chiropractors across the US (NY,HI, CA, AZ, CO, KS, FL). Dr. Krugman is outstanding! He only adjusts the joints that need it. He has more than one approach. He has specialized training in extremities and acupuncture. He is very caring and solicitous. I highly recommend Lakeline Chiropractic! :) - Carol

He is the best...hands down...helped me when I was pregnant with my middle daughter. She was breeched and he used acupuncture needles and adjustments to make her move down without the doctors going in to turn her and/or C-section - Sohia

Tyson gave me hope for using my knee again without pain. All my Drs. Want to do is cut, cut, cut... he is brilliant!  - Cathy

Tyson is FANTASTIC. Helped stop migraines and chronic neck pain. - Brigid

Thank you Dr Ty, you saved my husband's back!! We are able to travel to our nephew's wedding pain free! - Susan

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